PS4 or XBOX ONE ? – An expectant gamer’s view

I have a confession to make – I have never owned a Playstation or Xbox. It was a luxury that my family could not afford. So like a hungry nerd gamer I have only ever watched from the sidelines. My experience on the consoles came from luckier friends. This way I have gotten the chance to play on PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, so I am not exactly complaining. Now at the cusp of a new generation of console wars I intend to finally own a console. But which one? I have always been a PC gamer and a dedicated one at that, happier on Dota 2 than Halo multiplayer I have nevertheless wanting to get in on the party purely since so many of my friends are avid Halo fans or MGS fans. Continue reading PS4 or XBOX ONE ? – An expectant gamer’s view


Desktop Replacement Notebooks : Part 1 of 3

This category spans from Rs.40,000 above and upto Rs.1,00,000. These notebooks are supposed to replace desktops and should be able to handle considerable computational power along with providing for portability. Value for money here adds big brownie points and definitely is worth a consideration while deciding.

Here the companies like Compaq, Wipro, Zenith just don’t cut much space considering the superior performance requirements. Even though I consider one from Compaq, its purely because its price takes it above my categorising of Rs.40k and not for its worth, with all due respect this one should be ignored. Continue reading Desktop Replacement Notebooks : Part 1 of 3