PS4 or XBOX ONE ? – An expectant gamer’s view

I have a confession to make – I have never owned a Playstation or Xbox. It was a luxury that my family could not afford. So like a hungry nerd gamer I have only ever watched from the sidelines. My experience on the consoles came from luckier friends. This way I have gotten the chance to play on PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, so I am not exactly complaining. Now at the cusp of a new generation of console wars I intend to finally own a console. But which one? I have always been a PC gamer and a dedicated one at that, happier on Dota 2 than Halo multiplayer I have nevertheless wanting to get in on the party purely since so many of my friends are avid Halo fans or MGS fans. Continue reading PS4 or XBOX ONE ? – An expectant gamer’s view


The Magic of Feynman

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Richard Feynman was a genius. No, not in my words but in the words of Hans Bethe, himself a Nobel laureate in Physics. He called Feynman a magician. He said “There are two types of genius. Ordinary geniuses do great things, but they leave you room to believe that you could do the same if only you worked hard enough. Then there are magicians, and you can have no idea how they do it. Feynman was a magician.” Richard P. Feynman can easily be counted among the most influential scientists, most important personalities of the 21st century, and indeed one of the best teachers ever to have graced the human race. Maybe the reader can already ascertain my fascination with Feynman. (Which in no small part also extends to the fact that I was born the very same year he died)

I used to be apprehensive about a science career and so very easily conformed to my parents wishes to become an engineer. (I only kind of had two choices – doctor or engineer). Thankfully during my second year in undergraduate school, one night I was bored (which used to happen a lot during the initial years) and decided to trawl through the vast collection of e-books that I had collected previously. By pure chance I settled on a curiously titled book called “Surely you are joking Mr. Feynman: Adventures of a curious character”. The title seemed odd and the name Feynman stood out, I had heard it before although I had no recollection as to where. I was just looking to kill time, but as I read on about radios and resorts, of MIT and Princeton, I was hooked. I didn’t stop reading till next afternoon ( I did go to the bathroom and had the meals), I even dropped class. It was incredible, how a person could have so much fun in his life and yet find enough time to significantly alter how a subject is perceived. Continue reading The Magic of Feynman