The problem of abuse in online gaming

Recently someone did a survey that said 1 in every 2 people that plays online games have faced abusive interactions, a report that was then headline news at BBC. That report just tells me that 50 percent of the people who took the survey blatantly lied – the 50 percent that didn’t report abuse. I have been playing online competitive games for 11 years now, and I am yet to meet a single individual who hasn’t faced online abuse. Now is it a problem? yes it is. Is it a new problem or a problem unique to online activity? to a small extent yes, but mostly no. So, why no? Continue reading The problem of abuse in online gaming


Wikipedia – The One Place To Start

Got a College Project? Maybe a School Report? About Volcanoes, or Airplanes, or maybe the Problem of Water Shortage in your country. Worried about where to get the information………..No worry, head to wherever the whole world is heading – to GOOGLE.COM. A very good chance is that the first page will have a link to Wikipedia. Now I don’t think that I’ll have to tell you what Wikipedia is, since it’s an internet phenomenon in itself ( I have been wondering when it will be taken over by Google since its fast becoming like Microsoft itself, Google that is ).
You may be wary about the information you get at Wikipedia. If you are a Lazy, Good for nothing then you may just Copy-Modify-Paste. REMEMBER THE MODIFY PART. Otherwise stay clear of the data at the first go – since many articles on Wikipedia have been accused of partiality and scandals.
It’s still a very good place to begin your research work though. Almost all articles are well tagged and contain a list of references. This is what any serious researcher should be interested in Wikipedia. They are usually very exhaustive and are great viewing. Visit these pages, download the PDFs since they often contain great photographs and graphs that are not there in the Wiki itself.