None of my posts are intended to be hurtful to anyone. I just intend to put forward my ideas the only way I know. Although all my posts are purely original I do research about them elsewhere and hence take cues from other articles and sources and even put forward full sentences when they are particularly striking to me. I welcome any complaints, requests, or suggestions. Please write to me at this address…………

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One thought on “Contact Me

  1. I saw your post on how to bypass the cyberoam firewall. Well, this particular problem has been plaguing me, too. I’m generally not used to losing to a single software, I mean I’ve generally been able to find some or the other way to bypass such pathetic security implementations. However cyberoam is the first software to have, unfortunately, stopped me dead in my tracks.

    If you find some interesting tweak or method to bypass cyberoam, I’d really appreciate it if you could share it with me. I don’t really know if you’re a core programmer, but there’s a friend of mine who cracked cyberoam. He doesn’t share his secrets, though, but he gave me a hint. He somehow encrypts all incoming data into allowed file types, so that the stupid software doesn’t detect any mishap. Now I’ve been able to understand nothing from these words, but I’m trying. Your blog made me feel that maybe I have a budding programmer who could use these words of wisdom and find a way around Cyberoam.

    If you are able to find some method, please help me out. BTW, the method on pingsense doesn’t work for me. All proxy softwares lead to complete failure to connect to the internet.

    Wish you the best of luck in finding some way, and hope you’ll mail me your finds, if you get any.
    Thanks again, and may the force be with you

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