I live in Davis, California, currently working on my PhD in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics at University of California, Davis. Davis is very pretty and very boring, end of story, go to San Francisco or Sacramento.

I used to live in Irvine, California. It’s widely considered one of the safest cities in US to live in. I accept that, that’s cause everyone here is bloody f**king rich. But the place is incredibly pretty, I guess the reason is the same as before. I love the trees, I love the shops, I love the bike trails, I love that they have huge ass parts of the road reserved for bikers ( in India these bike lanes would have been called roads ), I love the parks, I love the abundance of cute rabbits, squirrels, gophers, hamsters and birds. The whole place is like a big park. I love the beaches nearby, I love the sunshine and I love the food. BUT I hate that all the shops look the same, I hate that all the housing communities look the same ( they call them villages!!! yeah right!!!! ), and I hate the bus service timings. All that love for a little of hate, I think its a WIN for Irvine. đŸ™‚

My idols in life are in decreasing order of influence are My Mother, Richard P.Feynman, Ayerton Senna, Rafael Nadal, George Mallory, Sir Alex Ferguson.

I love Photography because it allows me to express my view of the world in a creative way nothing else can.

I love to sketch and paint for a similar reason.

I love Physics because I think its the most basic of the sciences. Some may argue that Mathematics is more basic, but Mathematics deal in abstractions and is more like the language of science. I like the intuitive nature of Physics.

I love to read because it opens up a world no other form of media can express properly. Today most children prefer to watch TV or go on the net. The fact is that the quality of the language, quality of the expressions are nowhere near comparable to what can be expressed through books. Don’t believe me, just read authors like Salman Rushdie, Amartya Sen, Paulo Coelho and countless others and you will find out the depth of emotions that can be expressed. Watching an emaciated child in Africa may be a strong image but only a fleeting image, but read the accounts of the same in books, news reports and you will find out the pain behind that image, what emotions go through the cameraman, through the reporter is such a strong emotion that you will never forget it, and hopefully want to do something about it.

I love Football. NO! not the American Football kind – I don’t even understand the rules of that game. I am talking about Soccer, Association Football. Its the purest of team sports. It encompasses everything from individual skill to team abilities, from pure aggression to delicate touch, from strategy to execution. It drives international interest like none other. More countries play football than any other sport. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world – Its bigger in participation and in interest than even Olympics! You don’t need a field or coach to play, just a tiny little space and you are good to go – a fact demonstrated by the children in the famous ghettos of Rio – ask players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Pele, Zico, Socrates and many others.

I love to meet new people and see new places. I have traveled extensively throughout India. I have experienced the regional cuisines (something my family does not enjoy – they always look for bengali food) and have loved them – from Dosa of Tamil Nadu, Pongal of Kerela, Aloo Parantha, lassi and tandoori and butter chicken of Punjab, Biryani of Lucknow and Hyderabad to my own cuisine of bengali food. I like to eat but I love to eat good food. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of Indian food and an expert on the restaurants and eateries of Kolkata.

Lastly, I love Kolkata. I love the beautiful riverside, I love the liberal-minded nature of the people, and I love its history. From being a small village it grew into one of the largest and most important cities in the victorian English empire, becoming the capital of India during the years of the Raj, falling in stature when the capital was relocated to Delhi, suffering inhumanly during the partition of bengal and again during the independence riots of 1947. It grew in importance again under the leadership of the Communist Party of India’s (CPI-M) initial rule only to slump back into decadence afterwards due to near-bankruptcy and corruption and political violence. Now that the famous rule of CPI-M (30 years !!!) is over Kolkata (Calcutta) is again looking to become resplendent under a liberal and dynamic leadership.


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