Blog Status Update

Since my last blog post many things have changed. Some substantial some not so much.

I have since then left India (that’s a big one), joined University of California, Irvine in a graduate program in Electrical Engineering with the hope that in 2 years time I will manage to pass out with a MS degree. In case you are wondering that’s a big one too.

After quite some time I have roommates again. And I like them all. That’s surprising but not so big a news I believe.

I miss my family and friends but I am learning to make new friends (and maybe in time even family!!!)….wink….wink….

After having been bashed in this blog for having copied stuff over how to bypass a firewall (I can’t help it, I came to learn them from friends and have no idea whom to credit them to), I thought of giving up on this blog….. fortunately for me and unfortunately for everyone else I have decided otherwise. I have decided to ignore the negatives for the time and plough on with the hope that my future endeavors will garner better reactions.

Moreover I am going make some “subtle” (he he) changes in the blog and what goes in it over the coming month. Hope people will love/hate my scribbles. Any which way let me know. This time I promise I won’t get mad (he he).


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