Mood Indigo 2012

Like I said in the previous post, I went to IITB to witness their cultural festival this year (or previous year!!!). I had a heard a lot of stories, not only from my friends in IITB but also from others. I found a festival that can be astounding if you have the proper desire to participate and enjoy.

I was more looking to relax and soak it all in. I did that, made some friends and had a great time. The truth is that it isn’t very different from a lot of other college cultural fests, only that the scale and scope is much bigger. Also given the huge corporate support they get(attract) makes it a lot simpler for them to throw around money. They have top level performers perform all 4 evenings, that’s something that is impossible to match by any other college in India and that were the major attractions of the day.

I REALLY REALLY loved their Battle of the Bands and their Singing Talent competition. The bands gave a phenomenal performance and all of them were focused on original creations rather than singing someone else’s songs. That was the greatest attraction. Some of the creations really blew me away, and kept me singing them, a long time after the High of the event had died down. The singing competition saw wonderfully energetic and talented singers and I can open criticize myself for underestimating them at first.

If anything else I would go to Mood Indigo to witness these competitions. But I shouldn’t berate the plays that were on offer at the festival. I got to catch only one of the three but it was BRILLIANT. I watched a brilliantly acted play of “Dinner with Friends” by Donald Margulies, enjoyed Rock concerts by Agnee, Shilpa Rao, Raghu Dixit and KK.

It was great but I do feel that Mood Indigo can become a drag at times and it would have been better to have 3 days instead of 4, as it felt as if sometimes the tempo was nothing short of dead. In the end I could enjoy much more and was never bored but that was only because I had a lot of friends around me, so that’s what I would suggest everyone else to do too – bring a lot of friends and make sure to leave your inhibitions at home.


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