The Adventures Of Tintin (2011) – A Review

I have become largely cautious in my expectations from movies trying to recreate the magic of some of my most beloved characters, either from earlier movies or comics or story books, or cartoons. I have seen just too many fail and fail quite miserably. How many remember the the House of the Dead film. It completely killed off my love for the games. Ever since then I have never expected any thing great from such movies.

I actually liked the Final Fantasy Advent Children but then any non-initiated to the games will not understand the story much. I have experienced this first hand with my friends calling it nothing more than a CG south-indian flick. I had loved it, but then the first film although was a great film, made no sense to name it Final Fantasy when it had no connection to the games at all. They should have named that one Final Retribution or something.

So may be you can guess what I should have been expecting when I first heard a Tintin movie is going to be made. I wanted to CRY, and not of joy, but out of fear – abject fear. Tintin was one of the fundamental comics I grew up reading. I still remember, I cried for a day and didn’t eat anything for the whole day when my copy of “Tintin in America” was eaten up by termites while we were shifting homes. I tried to protect the comics with such fervor that my mom thought I will go mad if anything happened to the comics. So she took very special care for the tintin comics since then. I LOVE TINTIN.

But even I could not feel a great sense of expectation when I heard who would be directing the films. I never expected the stories to be maintained true to the comics but atleast I expected the film to be gripping and innovative. But then I heard who else are going to be associated with the movie and again I wanted to cry, this time out of JOY. Now not even if they tried they could mess it up.
Some of my most admired in the entertainment industry are associated with this film. Steven Spielberg don’t need no introduction from me. Neither should it be needed for Peter Jackson and his oscar winning effects studio – Weta Digital. Nor perhaps Daniel Craig. Perhaps I should introduce Simon Pegg – Benji Dunn of MI, Scotty of Star Trek, or perhaps his best work in “The three flavours cornetto trilogy”, Nick Frost in the same, Andy Serkis as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films. I then learned who would be writing the script and i knew the film would be epic – Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright are like best of the best of the best.

I had to see the movie and I could not wait. Today I saw the movie and what do you think my reaction was? IT IS EPIC, AWESOME, BRILLIANT. Its far far more than I could expect. The graphics are stunning, the cinematography is exquisite, the voice acting is perfect, the story is second to none, the gags are inimitable, the thrills are heart-stopping and I LOVED IT. If you are going to see it in 3D, then let me give you a warning, its not as good as avatar, but better than all others that have come since. The 3D hasn’t been used throughout, but the most of panning shots are all in breathtaking 3D and it has been beautifully performed. Some of the moments leave you laughing out extremely loud, some that will have you holding on to your seats and some that are sure to make you go WOW!!!


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