Science Vs Religion

I am myself non-religious but I would not define myself as an atheist. I am more in the realm of agnostics. I am not going to describe my religious views today however – maybe some other day. Today I am going to write about the seemingly eternal battle between religion and science. I should establish the reason why I am suddenly interested in writing on this topic. I recently saw a documentary film about Intelligent Creation and Evolution – BBC Horizon Season 1 episode. Its not a recent video but is a popular one, and I recently saw it and it made me think. So here goes.

This battle has been going on forever. From the open trials of scientists in the hands of the church to the present day battles between the Intelligent Creationists and Evolutionists, this battle has been fought on every front and on every terms. It has claimed countless careers and lives – mostly of the scientists, unfortunately. But somehow the battle continues, and today most people say that science is winning. Why is that? I think the core reason lies in the general human nature. We are by nature inquisitive. We keep on asking questions until satisfied. It is for this reason that people keep asking the basis of religion and thus must have started the first questions going into the realms of blasphemy. They had probably asked some simple question – Who is God? Where is God? Why can’t I see Him? The general use of the male gender for God subjected the female kind of our species to millennia of suppression. That probably compounded the questioning nature in the female kind – perhaps resulting in the account of Eve, in bible. God is by essence abstract, we can hardly expect to “see” God, but we can all feel the presence of a greater power. Some call it science, some may call it nature and many call Him God.

I don’t really understand why people cannot see the beautiful elegance in evolution and choose to call it blasphemy. I see something beautiful in evolution, its coherence and utter ruthlessness is quite similar to God- who refused to forgive Adam and Eve for forgetting the rules of heaven, even though it was Satan who tricked Eve into taking the apple. (Satan is a creation of God if we believe that everything is from God. Then Satan must be an agent of God too. Why do some human try to mark Satan as evil and ungodly when God Himself must have created him, then he too must have some purpose intended by God.) Evolution chooses the best of an age, it constantly crafts new species and keeps changing the formula. Is it not beautiful to find out the simplicity of the smallest of formulas that drive evolution – anything that works survives, anything else fails to do so. It is simple as is an atom – the smallest of sub-atomic particles be it quarks or perhaps the yet to be confirmed strings – are in essence simple. It is when simple units club together that we have something majestic. Evolution is majestic but you need to take it apart to realize the simplicity.

I do not think evolution is infallible.  Maybe someday we WILL find something that contradicts evolution and scientists will have to find another theory. But then that is how science works. For now I believe in evolution but I also know that many infallible theories have fallen and today we have new theories. I just think that its unfair on the part of religion to judge science. Our science is only a few millennia old while religion has been around for as long as human civilization. Give science time and perhaps science CAN explain everything.


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