Steve Jobs – A true ICON

The definitive idol

Long you may have heard stories of how persevering you must be to really succeed in life. No one lived more true to that than Steve Jobs. A failure and a man shunned he was  kicked out of apple. What inner strength must have been required to fight back. To start a new company and make it worthwhile for Apple (the giant in those days) to buy it.

His return to Apple itself must spark countless admirers. The unique situation – kicked out of the company he started, only to be brought back at a difficult time for the company and going on to make it one of the most iconic brands again. His success with the iPod, iBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, iTunes, iTunes store, Mac OS X, MacBook Air, and lastly the iPhone and iPad. He was the ultimate visionary. A man driven by a dream and desire, a man driven by the love for what he did, a man who never made a compromise on quality and design. In his life he garnered many admirers, many considered him the definitive CEO, but I am sure that he treasured the fanatic admiration of the “Mac Fanboys” of the apple products more than anything else. He must have looked at the market and felt proud that so many would chose his product over microsoft products because it looked and played nicer, even though sometimes life is not so easy with an apple product. The same was with his life, and he must have thought that he was successful in instilling HIS company with the same spirit that he lived by himself.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs, 2005 (ofcourse someone gave the message earlier but Steve Jobs made it popular)


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