How to bypass Cyberoam ………. ver2.0

Since my last post on bypassing cyberoam my college has plugged the loop holes and nothing seemed to work anymore, so I got myself a personal net connection.

Recently my college net has gotten revitalised and has speeded up considerably so I had to give it a go again. I talked around and found out about a tool that’s working wonders.


Its paid software but that doesn’t seem to be stopping desperate people. At any rate you could use the 31 day trial on vmware.

No need to even connect and login to the college net. just start proxifier and start your browser/torrent client whatever. You can even see the net usage by the individual programs.

Its brilliant.


11 thoughts on “How to bypass Cyberoam ………. ver2.0

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  2. Hi Anirban,

    Could you please detail me about using Proxifier. When I start proxifier, it compels me to enter proxy server’s IP and port number. It doesn’t start on its own.


    • Well Sphinx, that’s how it works. It requires a proxy IP address:port to work. You can use the proxies you find on the net to bypass but the speed might be a bit restricted. If you want proper dedicated IPs then you would have to “buy” the software, then you will get access to their auto-update IP database.

  3. proxifier stops working after logging off cyberoam version 10.01.1 build 023. any way to bypass this prob or bypass download limit in cyberoam?

    • We have no download limit, so I don’t know about that.
      about the version again I have no knowledge, it works for us, so I guess we might be using an older version.

  4. hi,
    At the very beginning of cyberome installation at our campus we could download using proxifire. At that time our port no was 3128. but now a day they blocked it. is there any other way? please help.

  5. all the ways explained above are useless and are copied/pasted from diffrent sites….
    If you have your own ways to block cyberoam then only post it here.

    • Maybe you are confused – This is MY blog – this is where I write and not you. Many need these information and I am no researcher. I try to find the best possible solutions available and try to share them with everyone who wants to know. If you don’t, then no one is forcing you to read my blog. I never said they will be all useful. They have worked for me in the past, however network admins continuously update software and hardware, that makes many redundant.

    • That is a very true observation. My blog was never intended to be the next big thing in original blog journalism and I am indeed a noob to blogging. I try to put into my humble words whatever comes to my mind. They are not intended to hurt someone or win me a Pulitzer Prize for original literature/journalism. And if you are pointing out to the fact that I have copied these tricks from elsewhere then again you are correct. When I found myself blocked my Cyberoam I searched around for way-arounds. I was one looking for them and I expect there must be some more like me who would like these in one place (that was not available when I was looking). Hope you would understand and thank you for your comment.

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