Desktop Replacement Notebooks : Part 2 of 3

I’ll start with HP……………………………………………  *not really recommended though in this product-price range


HP dv4

HP dv4

dv4-2126tx – Core i3, Ati 4550, 320gb hdd

dv4-2112tu – Core i5, Intel onboard graphics, 500gb hdd

—————————-  starting from Rs.40,000

dv6-2174tx – Core i3 – 350M, nVidia GT 105M 512mb

dv6-2165tx – Core i5-430M, nVidia GT 230M 1gb

dv6-2164tx – Core i7-720QM, nVidia GT 230M 1gb

—————————-starting from Rs.42,000

The dv6 series is better according to me with the better specs.

Nothing to write home about here. People like the designs but my perception about HP hasn’t been very good.

I had a Compaq desktop system long ago, and the system still works after 12 years but since HP took over I think both the company products suffered severly. About ~15 friends of mine are struggling severely with HP/Compaq laptops.

They face problems from severe heating to complete board burnouts, to random display hardware corruption and charger burnouts, the LCD failure and damage is the most common problem. The HP service is also nothing to applause much. Most often the recovery discs fail to burn and the end-user is left to call up HP to get recovery discs (this though they do very promptly and well, KUDOS for this).

I said I’ll mention a Compaq system but I have decided not do so given some of the other options available I think its better to go for those. Even the HP systems are better than that.


Samsung R480

Samsung R480

Samsung according to me has only one good enough model in the market

NP-R480-JS01IN -Core i3, 4gb DDR3, nVidia GT 310M, 14″ screen. Not sure about the price, but either ways I’m not much a fan of Samsung products due to their poor presentation. It just not cool to have a Samsung laptop when you can go for Dell, Sony and even Apple. I won’t criticize since I’ve never even used (truth be told I’ve only seen their netbooks with my own eyes). The company has a pretty aggressive stance on the market (India) and hence service is unlikely to be bad if the company is contacted directly for problems.


Lenovo Thinkpad T410

Lenovo Thinkpad T410

Thinkpad T410 series – Core i3/i5/i7, starting from Rs.60,000

Ideapad Y550P – Core i3, Rs.48,400

Ideapad Y560 – Core i5, Rs.52,262

You ask me, and I’ll tell you to go for the Thinkpad T410. Lenovo’s product quality is top notch for the thinkpad line, continuing from IBM days. Better material quality than Dell Studio, but inferior to the Dell Studio XPS. The T410 is good and if you like Lenovo/IBM there’s nothing here in this article to stop you from buying these machines. It will hold its own against the Joneses easily. The Ideapad is something I have never tried myself and hence it won’t be correct to pass judgement on these. Although the net is quite ringing by these. The reviews are not all favourable and i guess you will have to decide about them yourself given whats important to you.

*Next time I’ll deal with the fruity company. My favorite by the way. “An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away”.


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