Desktop Replacement Notebooks : Part 1 of 3

This category spans from Rs.40,000 above and upto Rs.1,00,000. These notebooks are supposed to replace desktops and should be able to handle considerable computational power along with providing for portability. Value for money here adds big brownie points and definitely is worth a consideration while deciding.

Here the companies like Compaq, Wipro, Zenith just don’t cut much space considering the superior performance requirements. Even though I consider one from Compaq, its purely because its price takes it above my categorising of Rs.40k and not for its worth, with all due respect this one should be ignored.


I start with Sony……………. they have some great machines in this category and their styling is something no one needs to worry about. They are absolutely desirable.

VPCEA16FG/G – Rs.57990    14″,Core i5-520M,Windows 7 Home Premium, ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650

VPCEC15FG/BI – Rs.57990   14″,Core i3-330M,Windows 7 Professional,  ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

VPCS117GG/B – Rs.79990    13.3″,Core i5, Windows 7 Professional, nVidia GT 310M

VPCEA13EN/L – Rs.42990    14″,Core i3-330M, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

VPCEA1BGN/BI – Rs.52490   14″,Core i5-520M, Windows 7 Professional, Intel graphics

VPCEA15FG/P – Rs.45990    14″,Core i3-330M, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145

The list is arranged according to my preference. I have considered Performance, , features, Value-for-money (since we are still in the lower ranges for most part), and in that order i.e. highest preference for performance and last for VFM.

Sony Vaio VPC EA16FG/E

Sony Vaio VPC EA16FG/E

VPCEA16FG/G is a great machine and according to me is better than all the Dell models in this range except the Dell Studio XPS 16, and the apple systems. Its has great features, the i5 is powerful and although a core i7 would have made this unbeatable its still a great package. The ATI card is very powerful and will handle all the current games at the native resolution with laughable ease. I only wish they could have given a larger screen but then all the Sony systems are 14” now-a-days so this may not be applicable but still since the screen isn’t something special its the only major let down for me. I also don’t like the colour. Its too gaudy for me. This is ofcourse subjective and others may like it.

Sony Vaio VPC EC15FG/E

Sony Vaio VPC EC15FG/E

VPCEC15FG/BI is also a very nice configuration machine. Swap the i5 in VPCEA16FG/G with a cheaper Core i3, bump the Windows from Home Premium to Professional and change the colour to black (much better according to me). This is according to me a business machine. People may say the i3 is inferior to i5, and they are correct but consider the Windows Professional 7, it supports the XP mode hence if you have a lot of older softwares then having Pro/Ultimate is must or else upgrade all your softwares. If you prefer piracy then thats upto you but having a genuine copy of windows is worth it due to the many update, and support options.

Sony Vaio VPC S117GG/S

Sony Vaio VPC S117GG/S

According to me the VPCS117GG/B isn’t worth the money. If you are willing to spend this much then go for a Dell Studio XPS 16. VPCEC15FG/BI is a better choice than the VPCS117GG/B.

General conclusions about the above Sony systems


Great design

Great Configuration options


Cons :  none


Dell Studio 1558

Dell Studio 1558

Dell is great as always. The extremely popular Studio 15 system is a great buy. And configuring with core i7, 640gb hdd, 4gb ram, Windows Home Premium 7 64bit, ATI HD5470 1gb only brings the bill to around Rs.60000. consider that you can get student discounts if your system costs more than Rs.50k and its a great deal. The Studio 14 according to me is only important if you want more portability.

Dell Studio XPS is superb, XPS13 has no core options so consider that. The Studio XPS 16 can come to around Rs.72000 with the above config changes (the graphics is HD5650, a very high upgrade above the HD5470). NO STUDENT DISCOUNTS on the Studio XPS systems L.


Dell Service

Great design

Ultimate Configuration options

Value-for-money ( Studio series )


No Student discount for the Studio XPS

*** If you want to purchase the system from a reseller or even a Dell exclusive store then mind you that you cant get a discount. The discount is only if you purchase from online site. Also don’t hesitate to talk to the representative about anything you may need to know, even if you think it may sound cheap, who knows you may get some more discounts.

NEXT time HP and Samsung and LENOVO.


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