BUDGET Laptops

Well, this category has seen many new entries with the global companies reducing prices to become more competitive.
Principal companies in this range include Wipro, Zenith, Compaq, HCL, Acer, HP, Dell.

Yes, you see the last entries correctly. HP and Dell have recently reduced prices to bring some great machines in this category. Most notable being new Inspiron line.

Inspiron 14/Inspiron 14R

Dell Inspiron 14R

Dell Inspiron 14R

This machine with intel’s latest core processors, and with new HD displays and optional ATi dedicated graphics is a great machine. I won’t go into build quality since I can’t be sure about that given that I don’t have access to the new machines. But going by the descriptions I think it won’t be bad at all, since Dell has its image to live upto. You can customize the machine to core i5, 4GB ram, 320GB 5200rpm HDD, etc. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. All customizations come within the Rs.40,000 limit by a long way. The tech-specs list the Ati graphics but does not come in the customization options, so make sure you discuss it with the Dell executive.

Inspiron 15/Inspiron 15R

Dell Inspiron 15R

Dell Inspiron 15R

Upgradation of this system can take the bill beyond my categorization of under Rs.40,000. So be careful with your customizations if your budget is limited. This system gives you all the same options as the Inspiron 14R but also gives you options of the dedicated ATI graphics HD5470 with video memory of upto 1GB. The graphics option is good enough for some light dx11 gaming. Mid details of most games should be amply playable.

Dell systems: Pros –

  • Value for money (cheapest for the components and quality)
  • Dell service (according to me the best in the market)
  • Cheap performance

Cons –

  • Well no cons for this product section.
Acer Aspire 5740G

Acer Aspire 5740G

Other options include the Acer line of systems. The Acer 5740G system has similar config as the Dell Inspiron 15R at almost the same price range. Lower models are cheaper and also comes with lower graphics options. Overall the build quality is good and comes with a latch locking system.

HP DV5000

HP DV5000

The HP/Compaq systems are also worth a mention over here. The DV/CQ line has quite a few models in this price range. Coupled with great design options this stands to make a great option for anyone looking for a system. However be warned, HP and Compaq systems in this range have very bad cooling systems and most often the laptops develop errors after some time. Some systems even get damaged motherboards due to heat. So if you are looking in here then be prepared with Laptop Coolers ( these are recommended for all lappys but with HP/Compaq they are a dire necessity ).

Other systems from HCL, Wipro and Zenith are available but are not recommended at any rate due to their poorer construction and inferior build quality.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

*In case all that you are looking for, is mobility then you should also take a look at the netbook option. These have flooded the market. They mostly have extremely similar build quality and components so most of the times all you have to decide is which company. I’ll deal with these in a later post.
Well there you go. I’ve outlined all the cheaper Laptops and its quite obvious as to which one is the best according to me. The Dell Inspiron 15R rules the roost for me with its extreme value-for-money and the unbeatable Dell service.


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