Net in the Network

A few days back I came across a very interesting read in a popular tech magazine. In the editors foreword he writes about the growing complications in the world of net. The article made a deep impact in my mind so I have decided to write about it in my blog.
E-mail, memberships, shopping, e-banking, etc all need a username and a password. Now common sense says that you should not use the same username and password everywhere for better security. And it is also preferred that in your password you should use capital and small lettering, should use special characters and numbers. Security is all fine, but it’s at times its strength can become its greatest weakness. What happens if you forget your username/password to your bank account? For security you should not have written them on any paper or computer file but only in your memory. So what if you have mixed up your bank account and your email ID? What happens then? It is only natural to mix up since you might be having multiple IDs on the net. I myself have 6 (2 separate g-mail accounts, 1 rediffmail account, 1 for newsletters, 1 for shopping, 1 for forums and blogging) and it has happened to me before. So one fine day what do you do when the bank account says wrong password/username? Internet today is a hostile place and security is paramount but what happens when your memory fails?


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