The Introduction


I’m Anirban Samanta. I’m more popularly known amongst my friends by other names – ani, necromancer (net_handle), necro (short for necromancer), etc. I’m a student of Electronics and Communications Engineering at Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra. Even though I’m enrolled in a engineering course my true interest lies in pure sciences, specially Physics. Although I’m also highly interested in advanced electronics due to my fascination with automation and miniaturization. I intend to keep running this blog as long as possible, however posts may not be very frequent at sometimes of the year (due to educational concerns and problems of connectivity when I’m on holidays).

In this post I’ll write about my life and the many things that my (highly???) intelligent and sophiticated brain thinks up. I’ll also write about Technology that interests me.

I hope that this time I can keep a blog running (I’ve tried before). However back then my life was pretty boring and I did not have enough things to write about (which is not the same case now so I’ll keep my fingers crossed).


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